Making Sure Blockchain Does Serve the World!

5-8 February 2023

First ReFi event ever in Tel Aviv

100 Participants | 5 Workshops | 1000+ People reached

  • Crystalized local impact projects around ReFi: (Fuse, Flori Ventures, GoodDollar, Urban Change…)
  • Raised awareness among web3 VCs, builders, devs about ReFi, within main venues (1:1 talks)
  • Engaged with web2 sustainability professionals (throughout the CSR National Business Network, Maala, and the Sustainable Finance EU/Israel network)

Café Philo

Is Transparency Ethical? Wednesday, Feb 8th, 6pm-7pm - Right next to Metamask at a beautiful place: Kandinof, Hatzorfim 14, Jaffa

Is transparency an incentive to more ethical behaviors? Are transparency functions neutral? Could we live in a world 100% transparent? We are looking for, both, more privacy and more transparency, so how can we handle it? Share your vision of the world and learn about core concepts of Web3 such as Trust and Transparency. Learn from philosophical references and enjoy a facilitated discussion!

Tokenomics Studio

Regen Tokenomics, Tuesday, Feb 7th, 3pm-4pm - Abraham Hostel, 21 Levontine Street, Tel Aviv - Find us at our booth within Building Blocks booth area!

A fun experience to learn about token engineering culture and foster multidisciplinary collaboration. You don’t need to be a blockchain specialist, just stop by with candor and curiosity. With the participation of a very special guest, the artist Nili Lerner - who created her fist token in 2014!! as well as Jeanne Bloch, Esther Val, Bertrand Juglas, local Token Engineers.

Speakers: Hadar Rottenberg-Good Dollar, Nili Lerner

2 Avenues of Discussion

ReFi 101 Sunday, Feb 5th, 6pm-8pm - Beit Ariela Central Library -25 Shaul HaMelech Blvd, Tel Aviv As regulations increase to tackle climate change, web3 community is in a very good place to lead the way as Decentralization, Incentivization, Redefining Value are all perfect tools to bring Sustainability challenges to the next level.

Best practices will be shared by Letty Prados -
Regen Living, Sebnem Rusitschka - Younergy Crypto, Bertrand Juglas/Dorit Dvir - Good Dollar, Guillaume Leti - Carbonable, Esther Val - Ethic Hub, Markus Alburez Myers - Ethereum Foundation.
Facilitation: Jeanne Bloch

Funding and Valuing the Commons
Monday, Feb 6th, 1pm-2:30pm- Beit Ariela Central Library - -25 Shaul HaMelech Blvd, Tel Aviv
Should we use tokenization as a way to engage the community around its shared Goods and actually protect them from speculation? Lately, “Funding the Commons” has been a hot topic among web3 communities.
Nevertheless, historically, Common Goods had not always been monetized. At the opposite. Alike “the Global Commons” (our Life ecosystem), rules were set up to maintain the existence of the Commons and in the same time benefit from their usage. What are the solutions and best practices brought by the Web3 ecosystem?

Speakers: Hadar Rottenberg-Good Dollar, Griff Green Commons Stack, Tomer Bariach, Flori Ventures, Oksana Stanevich (DeSci)-GOSH blockchain,, Ortal Tevel - Urban Change, Manu Alzuru, Doingud
Facilitation: Jeanne Bloch

A warm thank you to our sponsors