Jeanne is a seasoned Sustainability and C-level strategy advisor driving blockchain based climate solutions.
A true pioneer, she has 20 y+ experience of helping global corporations set up their Sustainability priorities and adapt their business models to the ESG /SDG frameworks.
She excels in innovative and dynamic environments and thrives in building multidisciplinary teams to clear up complex problems.
Since 2021, she is applying her extensive knowledge in sustainability strategy, reporting and assessment to Blockchain based solutions for climate. She leverages the Blockchain possibilities for transparency, verification, accountability, immutability and incentivization to design robust MRV tools, efficient stakeholders engagement platforms, climate finance digital platforms and bottom up data production for decentralized supply chains.

In her first career journey, Jeanne helped brands such as Ben & Jerry's to adapt their social and environmental mission to European regulations and Max Havelaar to deploy its fairtrade label to mainstream retail. She developed substantial research on sustainable consumption patterns for both UNEP (UN Environmental program and ADEME (French Environmental Agency). While working at BSR (Business for Social Responsibility), she initiated cross sector supply chain initiatives such as the European Luxury and European Automotive working groups and led materiality assessments for clients in garments, oil & gas and agro-food industries.
She also worked to address the needed cultural shift to face climate/sustainability challenges through the creation of a Living Lab for Paris Environmental Regional Agency(ARENE), the design of an art based innovation research for PSA (Peugeot) and within BCG Paris. All of which led her to apprehend decentralized systems thinking as used in Web3.
A talented speaker and moderator, she taught Sustainability Strategy as guest professor (HEC, University Marne La Vallée...) and as an executive trainer. She wrote numerous papers on Sustainability, Impact Blockchain, Art Thinking and academic papers on technology and climate innovation.

Jeanne Bloch

Ivy Bagay

Fully immersed in the web3 space since 2021, Ivy has been applying her specializations in operations and communications to contribute to the success of impact blockchain initiatives such as Commons Stack and Trusted Seed. Beyond these projects, she has played a pivotal role in the Token Engineering Commons as a transparency steward. Ivy has also supported the operations and communication strategies in several Decentralized Desires events. She is currently based in the Philippines.